oskars pavlovskis

  1. ''Neighbors''

  2. Solo exhibition ''Neighbors''shown at gallery La Lanterne, Paris, France, March 2016 and book store/gallery ''Bolderāja'', Riga, Latvija, July 2016.

    A mixture of unusual, grotesque looking character portraits inspired by sometimes grim reality that lives just around the corners.
    Depicted with exaggerated details and vibrant colors these characters are brought out from their hideouts to show the attractiveness of extraordinary structure and shapes.

    silkscreen prints, watercolor, ink drawings, digital print

  3. ''...''

    Silkscreen prints, 45x67cm, 2015

  4. ''Match Head Monster''

    Wall painting for "The Last Match" exhibition at Kino Šiška in Ljubljana, 2014
    Organised by kuš!

  5. ''The Visible Boundary''

    Masters work "The visible boundary", VKN, Art Academy of Latvia, 2012

    There is a theoretical possibility that the reality is much broader, it does not end with the known and visible to human.
    If the beginning of everything that has been shaped over time was a random chance, then the smallest deviation
    in this randomness would made it possible to create something completely different.

    A series of five stylistically and ideologically related works "The visible boundary" reflects the images of fantasy beings,
    based on and inspired by the probability that we are not the only reasonable creatures in the unthinkable vastness of the universe.

    "Nr.1" silkscreen print, 65x50cm
    "Nr.3" silkscreen print, 64x45cm
    "Nr.4" silkscreen print, 64x45cm
    "Nr.5" sculpture, ~25x60x15

  6. ''Soup''

    “Soup-1” & “Soup-2”, paper, pen, color markers, 41x28cm, 2010

  7. ''Lost in the city''

    Series of silkscreen prints made for latvian comic artist and illustrators exhibition "Lost in the city", 2007.
    Thanks to latvian comic magazine "kuš!" and Dāvids Šilters exhibition took place in Latvian Centre Berlin and tastyshop in Riga.

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