oskars pavlovskis

  1. ''Meltface''

    Silkscreen print / edition of 16 / 48,5x67,5cm / 2017

  2. ''Alien 3''

    Poster for Alien 3 film screening at @scifitheatre 
    Check out their web page for info on screenings, podcasts and other posters.

  3. Illustration for Mazipos poster exhibition at the Visual Kontakt gallery (Romania)

  4. ''Traucējums''

    Illustrations for BIKIBUKS childrens book series.
    Publisher / Liels un Mazs
    You can buy the book here

  5. ''Life After Death''

    Illustrations for book "Life After Death", Popper Publishing, 2014

  6. ''Connecting Points''

    Illustrations for Popper Magazine "Connecting Points"
    Digital drawings on photos by Inga Erdmane

  7. Digital painting i made during a nonstop work period.
    Just to clear my head of all the things stuck there for some time.

  8. ''Astral Blackout''

    Illustration for Latvian Illustration Magazine "Popper" Vol.3
    "Astral Blackout"

  9. ''Kuš!''

  10. ''Pavlovski''

  11. ''Patience''

    Illustration for Latvian Illustration Magazine "Popper" Vol.2
    Get one for yourself here -  www.poppermag.com

  12. ''Degradation''

    Illustration for Latvian Illustration Magazine "Popper" Vol.1
    Get one for yourself here -  www.poppermag.com

  13. Postcards made during workshop organised by Nordicomics.

  14. get your pattern here

  15. sketchbook at lisbon

    drawings from my sketchbook while living in Lisbon

  16. ''Cães Marinheiros''

    Small book project done for Illustration class while I was in my exchange study in Lisbon, Portugal.

  17. "folk songs"

    composition of few Latvian folk songs

  18. illustrations for kuš! exhibition "3 für 1" in Linz.

  19. drawings from my small sketchbook

  20. Some colorful characters i met in streets of Riga

  21. a postcard for kuš! postcard project. 7 postcards by 6 Latvian and one Swiss artist, go check them out.

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