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  2. LE MONDE diplomatique

    Had a great opportunity to create a comic for the LE MONDE doplomatique newspaper.
    You can read my and other fine comic and something a bit more HERE

  3. KUTU #49

    Had a pleasure to make new a comic and be published as one of the Latvian comic artists for new issue of KUTI KUTI.
    The issue was guest-edited by KUŠ! so only Latvians in this one. 

    Grab a free copy of the magazine if you see one.


    On Saturday, March 24 & Sunday, March 25, I will be leading a kuš! Magazine Comic Zine Workshop.
    It will take place during the Funhouse interactive book fair at The Drawing Center, NY.

    for more details click here

  5. Treviso Comic Book Festival 17

    Taking part in Batltic comic artist exhibition at Treviso Comic Book Festival 17 .
    The exhibition is open from 24.09 to 04.10

  6. ''Segregation'' š! #29

    Had the opportunity to take part in the Kuš! 10 year anniversary issue - ''Celebration'' š! #29
    My comic ''Segregation'' is just a small part of this great 164 page book filled with many talanted Latvian artists and more.

    You can order a copy of š! #29 ''Celebration'' on Kuš! website
    Mārtiņš Zutis 

  7. ''Neighbors''

    One of the works from the ''Neighbours'' series.
    High resolution image HERE
    3D CGI, Digital print, 180x100cm, 2016

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